M.E. Services, LLC was founded in 1997 by William Tintle PE, after working for several years as a mechanical engineer in defense and commercial industries. The multiple projects completed along with increasing management responsibility provided valuable experience to William prior to formation of M.E. Services, LLC. William is a registered professional engineer in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. 

M.E. SERVICES, LLC is an Engineering consulting firm specializing in machine design, engineering analysis, material handling equipment/system design, and engineering forensics. Engineering projects include materials handling equipment (overhead and gantry cranes, monorails, mobile cranes, and conveyors) for nuclear, transportation, defense, steel, waste management, and other commercial industries.

Design milestones include a 50-ton capacity steel ingot transfer machine for LTV Steel Company, Inc.; an armored mobile crane retrofit for the Marine Corps; a retractable overhead catenary system at railroad drawbridges for AMTRAK; an automatic lid application machine for LEGO; a retractable display screen support for the New York Stock Exchange; a moving 120-ton wall for retaining shrapnel at NUSC, Newport; a residential elevator for Accredited Home Elevator; and specialized fuel handling bridges for nuclear power plants (Peach Bottom, Limerick, D.C., Cook, Wisconsin Public Service).

Forensic failure investigations to determine cause of loss, scope of damage, costs of repair to material handling equipment, mobile and bridge cranes, automated machinery, pumps, generators, gearboxes, sprinkler systems, piping systems, HVAC systems, and elevators.



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